Trauma Therapy

We all have trauma. And no, trauma is not overplayed.

Trauma is literally anything that overwhelms us. And overwhelm means that the event made a lot of emotions in the body come too fast, so that it became too much for you to “metabolize” or cope with at the time.

So your body had to go into “flight or flight” emergency mode to make it through the moment… or day… or sometimes most days.

Some of us have been in a trauma mode for our entire lives from growing up in unsafe families or homes.

We call this developmental trauma and that means that hard things were happening constantly throughout your childhood.

Conscious Pathways is for those who seek healing, recovery, and are ready to take steps forward.

Conscious Pathways specializes in developmental and complex trauma (C-PTSD). This stuck stress from these events shows up in many ways- abandonment triggers, anxiety, getting really angry, choosing toxic relationships, control issues, over-functioning or the other end of the spectrum with numbness, dissociation or “checking out”, fear of connection and vulnerability, fierce independence and low trust in people.

More difficult symptoms might be panic attacks, OCD, shame spirals, shutting down completely, major depressive episodes, insomnia, rage outbursts, and substance use issues to numb the pain.

Most of us were not taught how to cope with strong emotions. They are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, and we needed adult support and comfort to be able to ride the emotions to the other side. That didn’t happen. Thanks to that horrible “cry it out” advice, whole generations have been left abandoned in their discomfort, left alone and scared, completely overwhelmed in the body, and then invalidated by the adult that was supposed to be comforting them.


“Why am I still bothered by it?”

“I just want to move on, but can’t”

“I don’t feel pain, I just feel numb.”

“I don’t know how to move forward.”

We use talk therapy at first to start to understand the kind of environment you had and the impact left on you over time. This stage can last a few weeks to many months based on how much there is to unpack! All therapists on the Conscious Pathways team are qualified to do this initial trauma work! In this first phase, you build those coping skills that we missed out on before. 

We can then move into the heart and body with more emotional processing, getting in touch with the body, breathing through difficult memories, sharing out loud hard things than you endured. This is deep and powerful work, and gives significant relief. And helps you learn that you CAN feel deeply and handle it!

Conscious Pathways offers specific trauma modalities as well.

+ Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
+ IFS, Internal Family Systems
+ TF-CBT- trauma focused Cognitive behavioral Therapy 

All methods are evidence-based and proven to help relieve symptoms of trauma.

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