Our mission is to bring expert level, ethical therapeutic support and care to the community of Wheat Ridge + West Denver.


We’re here to offer heart-centered therapy that reminds us we are not alone and centers relationships and community as the spaces we will truly heal in.

To integrate traditional and alternative modalities to offer holistic care tending to the mind, heart, and body.

To bring cutting edge, expert-quality psychedelic therapy to this community.

Conscious Pathways is a progressive clinic designed with the millennial client in mind.

The space is cozy, bohemian meets your grandmother’s house vibe, that helps you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Our clients are motivated, curious, and enjoy learning about themselves and their relationships. Even though it can be uncomfortable, they are willing to accept responsibility for their own lives, stop blaming, and make new and better choices.

Our Vision

Building a restorative space for folks + therapists tired of traditional therapy.

In addition to therapeutic services to the community, Conscious Pathways is also a container for therapists new to starting private practices. CP is committed to changing the exploitative nature of the mental health field, with therapists working long hours with very high caseloads of clients, for insultingly little pay for masters level experts. You can trust that your therapist is not overworking or underpaid, therefore delivering high quality and attentive therapy to every single client, every single hour.

Your therapist operates as their own business and entity, retaining full control and freedom over their hours, caseloads, and choices. While collaborating with Conscious Pathways, your therapist is also learning ethical business practices to successfully launch and run their own business. This model’s goal is to empower therapists to also be entrepreneurs to ensure they and their families are also safely provided for.  

Most businesses do not disclose their behind the scenes operations. But Conscious Pathways is committed to transparency and changing how businesses operate. You as both a clinical client and a paying customer deserve to know how your fees are being used and that the majority of your fee is going straight to your therapist. The percentage that does not go to your therapist is withheld to pay for running the office space, maintenance of the space and grounds, credit card processing, and marketing efforts. 

As your therapist builds a higher caseload and brings more revenue, your therapist retains more and more of that revenue. This is starkly different from the capitalistic models of business where the owners and CEOs make record profits as the actual laborers are severely underpaid.

Our team makes this all possible.

My Focus: Couples who feel distant and young adults + teens.

Read Jessica’s Bio.

My Focus: Couples dealing with infidelity, death, loss, or high-conflict.

Read Jordyn’s bio.

My Focus: Anxiety + depression, traumatic stress, complex trauma.

Read Jaime’s bio.

Visit Us!

We are located in a quaint ranch home on 44th in Wheat Ridge on a corner lot with our parking, back yard, waiting room, and studio space. 

Telehealth available also for anyone outside the Denver Metro.