Couples Therapy

Conscious Pathways specializes in relationship therapy.

This team of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are expertly trained in couples and relationship therapy specifically, meaning your therapist deeply understands the complexities and nuances happening inside your unique relationship.

Couples therapy is quickly changing into a necessary part of the maintenance for your relationship. No longer is it a last ditch effort on the road to divorce.

Conscious Pathways is for couples who seek love, connection, and emotional safety.

But maybe you come from a difficult family upbringing, have had loss or painful breakups in the past, feel afraid of being vulnerable and really sharing your truth with your partner. The longing is there but you aren’t sure how to shift your relationship into that safer space. We can help.

Therapists at CP serve as guides, translators, deepeners, teachers, and pacers for your relationship.

We will show the way with skills, interventions, and gentle modeling of how to make your conversations safer and richer We help explore some of the emotions that might be behind your blame or defensiveness. We will help you breath and slow down, so your bodies stay calm and conversations can’t run away with themselves, especially the difficult ones. By creating a safe container in the office so you can learn what it feels like, practice with us, and quickly begin to take those same skills home with you.


“I feel distant from my partner.”

“Intimacy + closeness is rare.”

“I don’t feel on the same team.”

“Are we having sex? Ha! Yeah right!”

Therapists use a variety of leading couples therapy models:

+ Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

+ Gottman Method Couples Therapy

+ PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy)

+ Relational Life Therapy

Most skilled couples therapists have their go-to model, but integrate pieces from each of these approaches as needed or relevant, tailoring a specific treatment plan to each couple.

When choosing your therapist, we suggest focusing more on your natural connection with the therapist rather than what method they may use. Each model is evidence-based and is proven to be successful. And time and time again, research shows us that it’s a great, trusted connection with your therapist that actually determines the best treatment outcomes!!

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Our team makes this all possible.

My Focus: Couples who feel distant and young adults + teens.

Read Jessica’s Bio.

My Focus: Couples dealing with infidelity, death, loss, or high-conflict.

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My Focus: Anxiety + depression, traumatic stress, complex trauma.

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