Meeting our Conscious Pathways Team

Jordyn Grote, LMFT

Hi! I’m Jordyn Grote, LMFT. I specialize in seeing couples dealing with infidelity, death and loss, and who struggle with high level conflict.

And I also work with some specialty populations of couples struggling with:

  • infidelity
  • death and loss
  • disconnection
  • high conflict 

My Background

I earned my masters degree at Regis University in the specialty field of Marriage and Family Therapy. I especially appreciated that my training had a large emphasis on social justice, acceptance and appreciation for diversity, and critical thinking.

I love doing couples therapy with anyone motivated to improve their relationship. If you are dedicated to each other and the process of healing, even better!

I am also passionate about helping adolescents and families who have experienced death, loss and grief. These experiences and the feelings accompanying them are particularly unique and difficult. I can help you navigate the complexity.

I am orderly and fairly left-brained, so if you like structure and an organized treatment direction for your therapy, I would be a great fit for you! I like working with motivated clients who seek solutions and are willing to try new habits to change!

I am quite friendly, passionate, optimistic, fierce, and funny. I am perseverant and a hard worker and that shows up in the therapy room. I will hold hope and optimism, knowing what you are capable of as you move through the work. I am good at understanding where we are headed and breaking down the steps to get you there.

I love to learn, so you can trust I’m always staying on top of my game. If something isn’t working for you, I love getting that feedback and can quickly adjust the tone, pace, or direction of our work together.

A Little More About Me

On a more personal note, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family and golden retriever. My relationships are vital to me!

I am fun- loving, enthusiastic, dedicated, and full of life. I am passionate about getting to know people, improving relationships, and making this world a better place.

If you resonate with who I am, I look forward to hearing from you! 

Work with Jordyn

Questions? Please feel free to email me directly at