Feeling disconnected and lonely in your relationship? We can help.

You know something isn’t quite right anymore. You can feel the shift. The distance. The misunderstanding. You don’t feel like your partner gets you anymore.

Sure it’s easier to ignore and keep surviving day to day. But it will come to a head eventually. We are here to help you face the problems in your relationship before it’s too late.

Research shows that if you simply do nothing to help your relationship, it inevitably deteriorates and gets worse. Come in and let us help move through your issues with support and understanding. We know the way. We are experts at helping heal relationships. You just have to reach out for help. We will show you how to get your relationship back on track.

You are arguing constantly. Not hearing each other. Fights escalate and get nowhere. It’s starting to cause you to not even bother bringing up how you feel. This is dangerous territory. The disconnect is already happening. Don’t wait any longer to get support, learn new skills, and get back the love you’ve been missing.

Attachment theory is becoming common knowledge. Are you anxious leaning, getting very uncomfortable and talkative during an argument? Are you avoidant? Going quiet or shutting down when it gets stressful? Would rather ignore the conflict than face it, probably because you just don’t know how.


“I feel distant from my partner.”

“Intimacy + closeness is rare.”

“I don’t feel on the same team.”

“Are we having sex? Ha! Yeah right!”

We’re licensed, verified therapy practice through the Gottman Institute and Psychology Today. Our entire team is trained, trauma-informed, flexible, affordable and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

We are here to help you navigate new stages of life, find paths to better communication and create opportunities for new beginnings.

+ Pre marital or Pre- Commitment Therapy, preventative care

+ New parents, Preparing for Baby, Parenting skills

+ Relational Skill Building: Conflict Management, Validation, Empathy, Emotional support & Balancing the mental load or unseen labor.

+ Conscious Uncoupling: Safely ending a relationship with a shared narrative to maintain a friendship or co-parenting relationship.

+ Polyamorous/Open relationships: ENM, Queer Couplings, polycules, moving from monogamy to ENM, jealousy work.

Couples therapy is for everyone.

So many of us did not learn what healthy love looks like, feels like. How to communicate love. Or how to safety communicate when you are upset or have a complaint. How to get in a disagreement but then hear each other, take ownership, repair, and safety move forward. 

We were never taught. Couples therapy can help you master this crucial relational skill.

Don’t wait any longer. The more negativity in your relationship and the longer it goes on- the harder it is to recover, repair, and build trust back. Don’t live in this negative place for a second longer!

Come learn your attachment style and how that interacts with you partner’s attachment style. Unlock the keys to getting along and understanding one another better!

Tell us briefly what’s going on, any fears you have or past experiences (good or bad!) with therapy.